What Really Happened To George's Life?

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It was December 25, supposedly the happiest day of the year. People joined together with happiness, Families began to open their presents, copious amounts of Christmas cards were received, and it seemed that everyone had their holiday spirit. As George sat at home, playing games on his azure Playstation, his mood was the complete opposite. Both of his parents were out on business, and wouldn’t return till after New years. George felt a pang of despair when he heard the news, knowing he wouldn’t have a Christmas. Before his parents left, they set up the Christmas tree with George, and gave him a card, saying how much they loved him. To George, these items didn’t mean a thing. So as George sat all alone in front of his endless collection of games, wondering if his break could get any worse. While George was adept at …show more content…

Later that day, he heard a knock at his door. When he went to answer the door, there was nobody there, but a beautifully wrapped present waiting for him at his doorstep. Since he hadn’t received any presents for Christmas, it was crucial for him to open it right away. Once he had unwrapped the gift, he found it to be another box. Once he lifted the lid, he found nothing but a mere brick in the box. His excitement quickly decelerated, and realized it was a cruel joke. George once again went back to hating Christmas once more. He yelled an audible yell, and just wanted to go back to playing games. This preceded Buster’s barking of distress. George knew that Buster cared for him, but he still wished he had other friends. Once George entered his capacious room, he realized he had so much, but was so unhappy. He pretended to deploy a group of toy soldiers, trying to get his mind off the stress, but he couldn’t. While it facilitated in getting rid of his anger, he just couldn’t bear it anymore. He decided to take a nap, which just caused fitful

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