What Role Did Political Parties Play In The Election Of 1824

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Though the election of 1824 was historically significant for multiple reasons, one stands out in particular: it was the first modern campaign of the United States, where all of the candidates ran for President. Previous elections had been marked by candidates from two political parties, who were nominated for President, but did not campaign during the election. The choice was decided mainly off of electors, with less say coming from the people than it would in upcoming elections. During the early 19th century, political campaigns and elections began to change dramatically, as the increase in allowed voter participation, the emergence of political parties and sectional differences, and the importance placed on campaign tactics began to greatly …show more content…

After the Federalist Party ended in the early 1800s, only one political party existed for a period of time. However, political parties once again began to emerge and become critical to political atmosphere of the country. One party, for example, was the Working Man’s Party, which emerged in 1829 and believed, “that we are, & of right ought to be entitled to equal means to obtain moral happiness,” (Doc E). The Working Man’s Party represented a specific group of people - the laborers of New York. As certain grievances and conflicts regarding certain groups of people were addressed, more Americans began to actively participate in the elections. In addition, ,more political parties began to emerge and run for office, greatly changing the ways in which people participated in elections. Moreover, political parties were crucial to the preservation of the union. Martin Van Buren writes, “The country has once flourished under a party thus constituted and may again [...] Party attachment in former times furnished a complete antidote for sectional prejudices by producing counteracting feelings,” (Doc C). The development of new political parties allows different groups to be represented that might not otherwise have a voice in politics, which creates more political involvement, and therefore more voter

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