What Should Drive a Teacher's Curriculum Design

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My Reflection ‘High quality’ learning outcomes should result from the interplay between student’s learning efforts, the curricula, and the teaching methods used (Leonard and Penick, 2000) Curriculum design is an overwhelming endeavor. Never the less it is necessary in order to be an effective teacher. An effective teacher must be diligent in the creation of her units and lessons. Diligence as we create learning units will ensure student achievement at all times. Students’ readiness, interests, and learning profile most be at the center of any lesson set up. This should drive a teacher’s curriculum design. During this session, I have evolved in many aspects of teaching. Also, I have been able to pin point certain areas that need to be address. I feel equipped and ready to take on the challenge to construct units that incorporate various types of assessment, differentiation, and meaningful experiences. Summative assessments are an evaluation process that can also enhance learning by challenging students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic (Laureate, 2011). Learning about assessment was an eye opening experience. Before this program, I mostly used multiple choice and some constructed responses to measure proficiency. This course gave me the opportunity to develop assessment techniques and provided some ideas to incorporate in my lessons. My perception about summative assessments changed dramatically. Incorporating at least one task performance for each of my units
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