What Success Will Look Like

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What success will look like: - Trade waste customers are compliant with permits - Frequency of service interruptions attended within target timeframes - Attendance, restoration of service interruptions are within target timeframes - Extensions and connections to the two services are within target timeframes - All relevant operations are compliant with Environment Protection Authority licenses - Renewable energy targets are in line with the Climate Change Sector Agreement Key initiatives that support our strategies: - Infrastructure operation - Electricity and Water Quality Management System. - Sampling and analytical testing services - Water and wastewater incident notification - Trade waste audits and monitoring - Emergency…show more content…
it will deliver comprehensive strategy, risk and compliance frameworks that align the organization to the Strategic Plan, drive performance and ensure the effective integration of risk management in all decision making processes. It will develop and maintain effective business systems and technology. It will employ processes and systems to capture information accurately and consistently, ensuring corporate information requirements are understood by our entire workforce. The company will deliver systems and frameworks that drive accountability for financial outcomes to all levels of management. It will ensure that it has a financially sustainable capital structure that provides flexibility to deal with future challenges and delivers an appropriate level of financial risk and return for our owner. It will maintain focus on business efficiency and control to limit price impacts for electricity and water customers by driving reductions in the real operating cost of delivering services. it will pursue high quality non-regulated business opportunities produced or created in the course of electricity and water, s operations that contribute towards profit. The company after merging will maintain commitment to workplace safety and wellbeing. This will be achieved through engagement of our workforce and strategic partners to embed a safety culture in everything we do. Ensuring
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