What The Fuck Was That All About? What Is Happening Tomorrow?

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Brian waited until Leonardo disappeared before beginning his tirade. “What the fuck was that all about? What is happening tomorrow?” “He invited me to his vineyard and since you are so busy with business, I accepted his invitation.” “You should have asked me first. We are in a relationship. You should not be spending time with another man.” “And I guess you thought spending an afternoon with Ms. Bimbo was OK. You are a real piece of work. You know that?” I said slowly. Caught off guard by my statement and looking a little pale, he muttered apologetically, “I wasn’t flirting with Rina. We ran into each other on our way here and exchanged greetings. She is an old friend, Isabel. Nothing more.” “So you say. I saw you, Brian. I called you and I saw the look on your face when you noticed my name on your caller ID. I overheard what you said too. I can’t believe you. How can I be with someone who sees me as a burden or finds me irritating? Throughout this trip, you spent less time with me and more time with other women. Admitted. It always comes back to this.” “You are overreacting.” “No this time. I am sorry, but I can do us anymore.” I said desolately. “This is bullshit and you know it, Isabel. You created situations. You create distance between us. It is as if you don’t want us to work. I figured I give you some time to sort yourself, but I have given you plenty of time, Isabel and I am not a patient man. The emotional distance is making me irritable and when you called me

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