What Was Learned From the 2000 Presidential Election?

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The 2000 President Election isn’t considered to be the typical election that occurs every four years in our society. I am opening up the discussion of this important topic in American presidential history by first sharing a fact that not many people may know: there have been three previous presidential elections in which one candidate won the popular vote but not the electoral vote and lost the election. The 2000 Presidential Election was considered to be one of the most highly contested elections in presidential election history (Summary). The election was between Governor George W. Bush (R-TX) and Vice President Al Gore (D-TN). On Election Day night, news stations across the country were all giving an early win of Florida to Gore and…show more content…
W. Bush’s position of being a member of the House of Representatives (Biography…George W. Bush). Additionally, it wasn’t until after his father’s successful win for President in 1988 when George W. Bush gathered a group of partners together to purchase the Texas Rangers baseball team (Biography…George W. Bush). Only after briefly owning the Texas Rangers did George W. Bush decide to put his name into the Governor’s hat and run for Governor of Texas. However, some of his private affairs were leaked to the public, including his early years of alcoholism before his marriage to Laura Welch. This, from personal perspective, played a huge role in how he was looked at during his career of public service as Governor and President of the United States. In all honesty, the lack of public service experience was the most likely result of his dismal eight years as president, which included getting the United States of America involved in an unnecessary war and leaving America in a recession once leaving office. With all of this background information in place, it’s time to discuss what actually happened on November 7, 2000. Election Day has come and almost everyone in the country is heading to the polls around the country. Certain areas of the country, in each election cycle, vote for the same political party each time while others go back and forth between the two major parties. Surprisingly enough, Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee, which is a
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