What Was Technology Before The Information Era?

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What was technology before the information era?
Society revolves around the advancements of technology for the improve efficiency for task and easy access for information. Today, we usually consider a mechanical devices, such as smartphones and computers, something that is categorized with those or relate to them in some way, but was this the start of technology? The word “technology” has been around longer than the average person would expected, and technology has been the primary component for our civilization 's improvements that advance us to where we are currently. From elements, communication, discoveries, and manufacturing, the idea of technology is considered to be a flexible and progressive term that portrays itself to have a variety of purposes relates to everything mankind has created. By revealing the semantic changes in the connotation of the word technology and providing a chronological sequence of related conceptions, we can acknowledge how current technology changes our perception of the term.
From the first usage of the term “technology,” it has always been related to the constructing or improving civilization. Kernerman Webster’s college dictionary considers technology as being a “sum of ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization,” referring to the idea that technology was original being associated as a key element to the progression in the construction of a civilization ("K DICTIONARIES online").

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