What Was The Impact Of Socrates

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Sheneka Anders Dr. Williams Humanities 1301 8 December 2017 Socrates Socrates was a great philosopher who had an incredible impact on philosopher of his time and even philosopher today. He lived in Athena from 469 B.C.E to 399 B.C.E. He taught his ism of life on the street to anyone who cared to listen. Socratesphilosophy mainly was that everyone is responsible for his or her own moral attitudes. He was a critic of democracy. He asked simple questions that had difficult result to people who were considered wise at the time. His precept were based on discovering the Truth , understanding life, and talk about the elements that make up a good life. Socrates was brought to trial with many explosive charge for his teachings and philosophy. Who would know that Socrates trial would have such an impact on philosophy today? Socrates is reflected as the top philosopher of all time. He had great influences on many people throughout history. Socrates worked hard throughout his life to try to make people think deeper beyond the everyday thought and that of moral ethics. Socrates wanted to define what was morally right from wrong. This is what derived the Socratic Method. (Bishop) It was what Socrates considered to be the way a person should live their life. The thing that set Socrates apart from others, though, was that he stuck to this Socratic Method so persistently that is finally led to his death. At a time when many people would have thrown it out the window to save their
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