What Was The Impact Of The Show Trials

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This period in Russian history is painted red with blood, littered with dead bodies and left scars on the people of the USSR. The actions taken by Stalin during this time caused major pain and sorrow on the politics and society of the USSR. The consolidation of Stalin's power was a key part for reason for undertaking the policies from 1930’s onward. The power struggle in the Communist Party that had taken place after the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924 is precontext of the purges that were soon take hold in the USSR. Stalin and Kirov struggle for leadership of the Communist Party was key event in the future of the USSR. The victory of Stalin in the leadership battle was the start of the totatralition leadership that unfold throughout his regime.…show more content…
The trials terrified the population into a submissive state of mind to the Communist Party and to the rule of Stalin. For many reason fear of their life or possible imprisonment. It also had major impact on the power of the NKVD as the most powerful organisation in the USSR which was fronted by Stalin himself. Another major impact was the fact that most Soviets were now convinced of the rise of capitalist ideas in the USSR thus leading to the fear of the left. Ultimately, the impact social of the trials was limited. However, for Stalin it acted as a distraction for the failure of the five year plans and collectivisation. Ultimately, the show trials helped Stalin establish his dictatorship. Helping him reach his totalitarian state that he desired to ensure his power. “Stalin was never averse to the use of terror for political…show more content…
Most importantly the execution Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky, the Red Army’s most creative thinker and strategist in 1937. “During the first half of 1937 army officers were also purged,..” Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky and a group of senior officers from the Soviet high command were found guilty at a closed trial of coordinating a German-funded military plot inside the Red Army. This purge on the Red Army had the same intentions as the rest of the terror to consolidate the power of Stalin and grow the Capitalist plot against the USSR. This sparked a mass of large amounts of executions of Red Army officers and soldiers that were taught the be military-fascist plotters. In reality, all of these men were innocent in every way. Just like in the show trials that had gripped the nation's previous the NKVD beat confession out of all of these men. This paranoic attack on the Red Army was the tip of the ice burger in the Great Purge. The figures of the death tolls are staggering. While the size of the Red Army was not exactly known at this time, however during this time approximately 35,000 men were arrested and on trial over the course of 1937 and 1938. There are two main reason for the purge of the Red Army. The clash of Tukhachevsky and Stalin due to Stalin's demands of the Red Army. When Stalin pushed the line with Tukhachevsky he would reboke against which Stalin sit well with.
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