What Was The Rise Of The Shang Dynasty

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The Shang and Zhou dynasties. Also, know as the bronze age of China. The ancient Chinese called their land Zhongguo, the middle kingdom. They were also extremely isolated. This is because they were completely blocked away from other civilization by high mountains ranges, brutal deserts, and large oceans. With this isolation, they were unable to trade with other civilizations or gain new technology from them. This also means less foreign invasions, more wars among themselves, and a lack of cultural diffusion.
For the Chinese, history began in the Huang He valley, this is where people first started farming (crops and animals) and settling down, near the “river of sorrows” or the yellow river. They needed to control the flow of the river, due to the fact it would also commonly overflow. They would build and repair dikes. If the dikes broke the river would overflow. Destroy their crops and bring mass starvation.
Around 1650 b.c, the Shang dynasty began and lasted until 1027 b.c. During this time the beginning of Chinese civilization began to take form. Created a form of government, their government Like many other ancient civilizations, they had a social pyramid, with kings on the top and peasants on the bottom. It is also thought that kings only ruled small areas while loyal nobles governed most of the land. Truly though the only way to know what class a person was, is to look at how they were buried. While kings were given huge tombs filled with objects that showed their

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