What Was The Use Of Matriarchies In Native American Culture

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tribute- These were a from of tax demanded from subject people in the Aztec Empire’s capital, Tenochtitlán. The demanding of this ‘tribute’ along with trade brought textiles, gold, tropical bird feathers, textiles and cacao to this capital, making it wealthier. animism- These were Native North Americans that believed that the natural world was full of spiritual power. Tried to get a better sense of the world throughout dreams, visions and ritual that satisfied guardian spirits that would guarantee successful hunts and other good fortunes. Women’s connection with spiritual power was that their bodies’ reproduction abilities was linked to the earth’s fertility, whereas men’s spiritual power was invoked in hunting and war. Hiawatha- A Mohawk man who preached a new gospel f peace and power after he lost his family in one of the wars between Five Native American groups. His condolence rituals became the foundation for the Iroquois Confederacy, which unified the Five Nations as a political confederacy, avoiding violence among themselves and becoming one of the most powerful Native American groups in the Northeast. …show more content…

Patriarchies were families governed by males in Western Europe. In these property and social identity descended in male family line. primogeniture-These were the practices in Western Europe, in which a father bestowed all their land on their eldest son. This caused younger sibling to be in the same level of wealth as the poor, since they got

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