What Was The Women's Suffragettes Movement

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The Women Suffrage
The 19th of September in 1893 marks the day that history changed forever for the women of New Zealand. On this particular day the governor of New Zealand, Lord Glasgow signed a new election act into law. This new election act allowed women the right to vote in any parliamentary elections. New zealand was the first self-governing country in the world to give the women the freedom of the vote. This new law did not come easy, women from all over the country fought for their rights and put up with a long battle to freedom. This achievement was awarded by the suffrage campaign lead by Kate Sheppard. From 1891-1893 the suffrage campaigns throw many petitions towards the parliament to grant them the vote. In 1891 more than 9000
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It was perfect timing for the women's suffragette movement actually as fighting for women's right was becoming more popular the more it was spreaded throughout other groups. The New Zealand Temperance Union almost promoted women's right and builded up to the suffragette movement. Anyway I became president in 1889 for the Auckland area and still currently am. I believed children should be taught in school about temperance. We have a huge issue with drinking in New Zealand and I believe and made it possible for the younger generations to be exposed to the damage they can cause from drinking. My job as the president was to lead the group to victory by protesting and fighting for what us women believe is right and need to change. Our drinking culture has caused issues for women all over the country and needs to stop. Women are already unfairly treated by society, men believe they have the power over our lives and we are ‘theirs’. Some women go through mental and physical abuse daily from their husband, when you add alcohol into the mix it creates a bigger mess. We like the see this group brings protection for the home. This group has not only lead me to helping New Zealand cure this alcohol disease men have fallen into. I have helped fight and protest for the Contagious Disease Act in 1869, raising the age of consent for girls to 21 and many other petitions fighting for what I believed was…show more content…
Women in general are thrown to the side whenever their opinion is expressed. In society the women is ‘owned’ by their husband and doesn’t have the right to express how they feel in any situation. For too long now women have been treated with disrespect and unfairness. I believe that we, even one person can change history for women. The way women are treated by men and society is disgraceful and needs to end now. Women are intelligent and charismatic people. A women can bring an opposing but normally the better opinion to an argument. Men have ruled over us for too long and today is the end of it. I will never see myself as someone puppet and I intend to change that for all women who do. When you asked me what influenced me to go for the vote you are really asking me to look into the lives of an average women and how could you not. I believe this vote could change women's freedom rights and could help improve other issues women face. As soon as we are given the right to speak in parliament meetings, I will personally fight for the temperance union. This new law will cause equality between men and women. I was influenced by the thousand of women struggling with their lives and their husband
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