The Women 's Suffrage Movement

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Did you know that women in the United States did not have the right to vote until the year 1920? Exactly 144 years after the United States was granted freedom from Great Britain. The women’s suffrage movement, however, did not actually start until 1848, and lasted up until they were granted the right to vote in 1920. Women all over the country were fighting for their right to vote in hopes of bettering their lives. The women’s suffrage movement was a long fought process by many people all over the world, over all different races, religions, even gender. (Cooney 1)
The women’s suffrage movement began with the very first convention that took place in Seneca Falls. (The Women’s Rights Movement, 1848-1920. 1) Before that first
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The Seneca Convention was held in Wesleyan Chapel in New York on July 19th, of 1848 and lasted until the next day, July 20th. Nearly three hundred women- and men- attended this convention, which surprised the organizers because they had only published a single advertisement about it in the local newspaper. (Lusted 12) At the end of the two-day convention, all points from both the Declaration of Sentiments and the resolutions had been approved by the women in attendance and the first major step in the fight for women’s suffrage was complete.
We know that women did not have the right to vote in the United States from the time they were granted freedom from Great Britain in 1776, all the way up until 1920, but why did they not have the right to vote? Women during that 144 year span had virtually no rights at all. Many people had the mindset that since women could not fight for their country, they did not deserve the right to vote. Men viewed women as their weaknesses, not someone who is equal to
(Kazee 3) that of a man, and that they did not need the right to vote. A male protestor in 1873 said “All our history has been made by men and not by women; and our great empire, as it has been made, so must it be preserved… by the action of men.” Even though some men did support the women’s

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