What Were Different Factors For A Scramble For Africa

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Scramble for Africa

Africa was long known to European countries such as Britain, France and Germany. But since the 1500’s Europeans only used the African continent as trading posts. British ships would stop in African harbors to get to India and back where they would take quick breaks from sailing to Britain. There was limited trade with the African people when the Europeans stayed in the harbors. At this time the center of Africa was still undiscovered, but that changed between 1881 and 1914. The Europeans had a belief that Africa was a continent full of savages. This belief was then used as justification to change Africa.
What were the reasons that suddenly all the European countries started to have an interest in Africa and divided the continent in between each other?

There were different factors some of them linked to the development of new technologies or other inventions, political or economic changes or religious believes.

Africa had been known as the “white man’s grave” due to diseases such as yellow
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European countries such as Germany, France and Britain were fighting for a bigger share in global trade. Having control over Africa put them into a stronger position in this race. Explorers found vast resources of natural resources all over Africa. European traders saw an opportunity for trade. Palm oil, diamonds and gold were all discovered. Factories in Europe were hungry for raw materials. The industrial revolution in the United Kingdom and elsewhere had led to an increased demand for palm oil that was used to lubricate machines. Palm oil could be found in the Niger delta. Rubber was needed for bicycle tires and after the invention of automobiles for cars as well. The king of Belgium who became the owner of the Congo was profiting from the export of rubber. The Belgium companies forced the population of the Congo to collect a certain amount of rubber in the jungle. If they failed their hands were cut
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