What Were The Common Characteristics Of All Native American Culture In The New World

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Chapter 1 What were the common characteristics of all Native American cultures in the New World, and what were the important differences among them? Indian cultures in the New World, particularly the advanced ones, relied on the use of advanced agricultural techniques and the cultivation of their staple food crop of maize. Similarly, even without the use of several simple technologies, the Indian cultures were able to develop large areas of worship and cities based on commerce. Although some cultures were able to stay in one area due to agriculture, many Indian groups were hunter-gatherer groups especially those who were far away from the center of maize production and initial spread, Mexico. Also, many cultures were unique with their different methods of worshipping gods, and their gods themselves differed depending on the tribe. Although they all worshipped spirits, some tribes, like the Aztecs, often made human sacrifices to show more devotion to these gods. Some tribes however chose more literal manners of organization like the Iroquois who created the Iroquois Confederacy by using military alliances and political and organizational skills. What fundamental factors drew the Europeans to the exploration, conquest, and settlement of the New World? The discovery and later settlement of the New World was not intentional as it was just a result of a differing motive. The initial reason to explore was to discover faster trade routes from the Asian countries to Europe. The

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