What Were The Consequences Of Political And Nationalistic Revolutions?

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Chapter Compelling Question(s): Was there really a European Miracle?

Chapter Supporting Questions:
What were the consequences of political and nationalistic revolutions?
What factors contributed to the growth of nation-states and the rise of nationalism?
How did the growth of nation-states in Europe differ from that in the rest of the world?
How was China weakened by European influence?
How did Japan build itself into a world power in a short time?

Content Standards Addressed:
Content Standards Addressed:
WHG 6.1.5 Interpreting Europe’s Increasing Global Power – Describe Europe’s increasing global power between 1500 and 1900, and evaluate the merits of the argument that this rise was caused by factors internal to Europe
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D2.His.1.9-12 Evaluate how historical events and developments were shaped by unique circumstances of time and place as well as broader historical contexts.
D2.His.5.9-12 Analyze how historical contexts shaped and continue to shape people’s perspectives.
D2.His.14.9-12 Analyze multiple and complex causes and effects of events in the past.
D2.His.15.9-12 Distinguish between long-term causes and triggering events in developing a historical argument.

Vocabulary introduced in section:
Japanese Feudalism - a social system founded upon a strict hierarchy with the daimyo at the top, followed by the samurai, then farmers and fishermen, artisans, and finally merchants and shopkeepers.
Tokugawa Shogunate
Shogun - a Japanese military dictator, appointed by the emperor who had little other power
Commodore Matthew C. Perry
Treaty of Kanagawa (1854)
Samurai - the military nobility of Japan, similar to the knights of Europe
Meiji Restoration (1868-1912) meiji - Japanese for “enlightened rule”
Charter Oath
Oligarchy - a form of government where the power rests in the hands of a few individuals
Daimyo - the landowning nobility class in Japan
Prefecture - a lower-level division of government that is nearest the people
Satsuma Rebellion (1877)
Zaibatsu - Japanese

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