What Were The Effects Of The Mongols

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In the 13 century, the Middle East was controlled mainly by non-Arab dynasty. In fact, the Mongol horde vanished the Abbasid in the battle of Bagdad as mentioned by John green in his video “Wait For it…The Mongols!” .The Mongol empire will become the bigger unified territorially empire of all history (British empire was an Maritime empire, Thalassocracy ).The Ayoubide (Kurdish dynasty) overthrow the Fatimid’s and took Egypt. In North Africa, Berber dynasty rise, such as the Almohades. In Anatolia, Turkish clan had established independent state. They migrated because of the call of Muslim sultan to fight the Mongol (BBC) .The Ottoman was one of this clan and it will become the strongest Empire that humanity known. Both Mongols and Ottomans had a huge impact in Arabic speaking lands politically, economically, religiously and socially. Politically, the Mongols were responsible for the weakening and vanishing of several Middle …show more content…

This event means the end of the last great Arab caliphate. Moreover, The Ottoman emperor had several title as Sultan (Arabic word for ruler) (BBC) and take the title of Caliph which means the spiritual leader of Muslim community (Hourani page 8) after their victory against Mameluke and their ally the Abbasid. However, both ottoman and Mongol success to conquer land were their capacity to use both strength and tolerance toward the population of conquered countries. In conclusion, in the beginning of 13 century, the Middle East were dominated by non-Arabic Dynasties .Nevertheless ,The Ottoman Empire and Mongol Empire can be considered as the most important non-Arab empire in term of impacts. In fact, they influenced the Arab speaking land in several domain, such as economy, politics, religion and society and the consequence were mostly

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