What Would be Your Candidate's Position on the Death Penalty?

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If You Were Running a Political Campaign, What Would be Your Candidate's Position on the Death Penalty?

"... by taking the position of capital punishment reform, we feel that we can appease the most people. Our candidate would risk alienating some of the more moderate voters if we recommended a more radical stance. Our stance appeals to both sides because we do not abolish the death penalty outright, nor do we leave the capital punishment situation unchanged. We will appease those looking for abolishment by greatly restricting the use of the death penalty, and, as stated earlier, eliminating most of the problems within the capital punishment system. And, we will appease those who favor the status quo by not totally
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In regards to the death penalty in the United States, many people either believe that the key is issue that the death penalty is needed because it properly punishes a criminal for the serious offenses they commit, or cry afoul at the government for putting people to death, calling the death penalty a human right’s violation. The whole main issue boils down to a matter of life or death, who has the right to live and who has the right to take life, when and why. The issue of the death penalty becomes very complicated though when the grey areas are applied. The grey areas are those thoughts and ideas that must be taken into account thus making the issue far more than black and white.

The first grey area issue is that many people, especially in the more organized Christian denominations, Baptists, Episcopalians, and Lutherans believe the death penalty is a just form of punishment due to their moral teachings, especially that justice consists of the ideal “an eye for an eye” (Heim 2), but they feel that it is unnecessarily used in the United States (Bedau). Therefore in a case like this the argument of the death penalty’s legality is no longer an issue, it becomes an issue of in what cases can the death penalty be fairly implied (EWTN). This issue is rather important because the majority of Americans with religious affiliations

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