What You Need to Pipeline Weld Essay

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What you need to weld on the pipeline, first you need to start with the right training, next you need to get the right certifications, but remember there are a lot of dangers with welding in general especially welding pipe. Welding is a high paying job no matter what you are welding. it is also a hard working job there is a lot you have to do before you can lay that bead.

To become a welder you need to know a lot , different rods, different types of welding to learn all this you need the right training , there are many technical schools and colleges where you can go to find out the basics of welding. there are many types of welding one of the biggest is stick welding there is also flux core, tig, mig. on the pipeline there is a lot of …show more content…

the next thing you need is to use the right technique. with the right use of the right technique you can reduce most all the distortion in the weld. distortion is the under cut, porosity the wrong doing of the bead. if you have distortion you have a weld that is no good. the z weave technique is where you move the rod side to side and pause 2 seconds at the corners of the weld. there is also the stringer bead where you move in small tight circles in the direction of your weld. both techniques are good it all depends on the welder those are the two biggest techniques used on the pipeline. after you learn all this your training will be sufficient the next thing you need to do is go get your certifications.

You need the right certifications to be able to ever think about welding on the pipeline. before you can start your new job as a pipeline welder you need to take the test the company requires. different companies require you to have different certs. this all depends on the size type and what kind of welding you will be doing on the pipe. on of the rarest type used is the 1 g this is where you lay the pipe in a horizontal position and the pipe can be rotated as a you weld. on of the hardest certifications to get is the six g. this is where the pipe is set at 45 degree angle at a fixed position. in some cases you may be able to substitute the 6 g for a combination of 2 and 5g which is the 2g being in the vertical position and the 5g horizontal

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