What in your view was the short term significance of Michael Collins history coursework

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What in your view, was the short term significance of Michael Collins?
Michael Collins played a major part in Ireland’s History, in the years 1916-23. He had a short but political life where he had increasingly been involved in events such as the Easter Rising, Anglo-Irish War, Treaty Negotiations and the Civil War. Although he was only active over a relatively short period of time, his significance in such events was profound. His public image changed throughout the years, from one of the UKs most wanted men to a reasonable politician. In 1916 during the Easter Rising his role was relatively low key, but by 1922 he ultimately gave his life in the Civil War for what he believed in.

Michael Collins took part in the Easter Rising in
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The canteen staff in Frongoch described Collins as ‘highly respected’ and when they took problems to him he ‘always listened logically’4. This helps us understand Michael Collins’ short term significance because he learnt from the military blunders made; such as the seizure of indefensible and very vulnerable positions like St Stephen's Green5 and filled the vacuum made by the executions of the leaders of the Rising. Likewise, Frongoch would have been different without Collins as the internees wouldn’t have been able to hold out and the Irish wouldn’t have developed such a fighting force. It’s a useful source because they were employed to work in the Frongoch canteens so they are indifferent to Collins, which gives this source a high weight of argument which can be generalised to how others must have seen him who weren’t closely involved with him. Then again, as it is written so long after, it can be doubted On the contrary, the source was wrote over half a century later, so it’s questionable how far someone can precisely remember what the canteen staff thought about Collins.

Michael Collins had many responsibilities after leaving Frongoch. He was appointed Finance Minister and is described as ‘the unlikely Finance Minister who proved himself an administrator par excellence.’6 Collins produced a Finance Ministry that was able to organise a

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