What is Human Evolution?

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Human Evolution What is human evolution? Human evolution refers to a process in which human beings developed both physically and emotionally throughout centuries, evolution is mainly influenced by environmental factors, and sometimes people’s diet would also interrupt the way human beings evolve. Normally, human evolves for survivals, in order to get used to the climate, it is necessary for human beings to advance. Throughout millions of years, human beings have developed from the earliest hominids discovered in South Africa to what nowadays called modern human (“Introduction to Human Evolution”).
According to “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”, all the living animals are related; complex organisms, like human beings, have evolved from a simple creature through a process which is called “natural selection”. This selection makes genetic developments for animals to be adapted to its environment, which is also known as the “survival of the fittest”. Darwin advocates that evolutions happen very slowly, it takes thousands of generations to clearly observe the physical difference, millions of years to go through the entire process; what’s more, even now human beings are still evolving (“Theory of Evolution”).
Fossils is what speak out the history of human, it is like a document which records the existence of previous species. Fossils are the remains of organism from earlier geological periods preserved in rocks or hard surfaces. It normally keeps the shape of that specific plant or

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