What is Nationalism?

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I agree that the main reason for formatting nation-states is nationalism. Nationalism can be defined as a combination of patriotism with sensation of nation, it includes patriotism and nation concepts (Hayes 1960: 2). Kohn (1955) defines nationalism as a state of mind, each person will be piety to their state highly because of their nation-state (Berberoglu 2004: 6). Nation-state could be defined as a group of people who have the awareness to community which share a common culture, past memory and aims of the future in a clear cut territory, and they have the rights to make decision by themselves – autonomy (Guibernau 2007: 100).

Nationalism as culture, a group of people have the common culture or tradition (Beiner 1999: 133). Some nations involve religion and race in culture, and some people may base on these to have a concept of national identity gradually and they think they are a family as they have something common, so they may form a nation-state (Beiner 1999: 133). For example, Israel has formed a nation state as Jews are motivated by the religious and ethnic nationalism. Many Jews have been advocated Zionism many years ago, it is about establishing a nation-state for the Jews who are living different states right now to come back and live together but not living separately (Haddadin 2002: 7). This is based on their religious that they believe they are defensed by god and they are from the same consanguinity (王曾才2006: 162). Thus, Israel is formed as a nation-state

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