What is a Bracket in the NCAA Tournaments?

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Introduction I. How many of you watch March Madness or fill out a bracket? There are a few things you might not know about that bracket. II The bracket consists of 68 teams from across the country make the tournament, expanded from 64. III. A select group of individuals decides who makes it. IV. The seeding of the bracket is more complicated than you may think. TRANSITION: What does the bracket even look like? Body I. The basic structure of the tournament bracket. A. To understand how the selection process works its good to know how the bracket itself looks. 1. The bracket is separated into four different regions. (Lunardi, 2014) 2. These regions are: the East, West, Midwest, and South. (Lunardi, 2014) 3. Each of these regions is based in one city where the finals for that region are played. a. This year the four main cities will be New York (East), Anaheim (West), Indianapolis (Midwest), and Memphis (South). (Lunardi, 2014). b. The championship will be played in AT&T Stadium. B. The most important part of the tournament is how the teams are seeded. 1. Each region has sixteen teams, being seeded from one to sixteen. 2. Thirty-two of those teams gain an automatic bid by winning their conference title our tournament. 3. The rest are at-large bids. C. According to the official principles and procedures for establishing the bracket there are three main steps. (NCAA P&P, 2012) 1. Choose the best thirty-seven at large bids (NCAA P&P,

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