What is a Social Movement?

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The definition or meaning of social movement, organization, resources and activism continues to be quite complex and difficult to define. Everyone has a different perspective or definition based on their experiences on social movement, organization, or activism. From reading Activism, Inc, I understood a different perspective on social movement, organization, and activism than from Freedom Summer. In Activism, Inc. Fisher, points out the reasons why the Left, known as the Democratic Party, fail to win the 2004 presidential election and why the Right, known as the Republic Party, succeeded. In the 2004 presidential election, the Left had a weak connection and relationship between local members and the national progressive group. The Left consolidated its grassroots campaigns to try to gain strength and connection. The Left operated these campaigns by hiring young people to canvass for them through professional organizations, such as the People Project. The experience that those young canvassers, who go to door to door, stand on streetcorners recruiting or renewing memberships for organization had made an impact because it is shaped the future of progressive politics in the United States and determined the ways these American will participate in politics in the future (Fisher, 10). According to Fisher, one of the problems or challenges of consolidation of grassroots activism is, “its continued reliance on political consultants and professional organizers to run campaigns. By

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