What is sustainability? Essay

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Is economic social and environmental sustainability achievable in today’s world?
The aim of this paper is to try and give an understanding of “sustainability” to the reader and look into the various ideas surrounding the 3 pillars of a sustainable world. I am going to take you through the 3 topics in question separately before looking into whether or not sustainability is now even possible given the destruction we have already caused to the planet. I will also look into the millennium development goals as set out by the United Nations where in goal 7 they aimed to “ensure environmental sustainability”. Towards the end of this essay I will give critical analysis to whether or not I believe personally sustainability is achievable.
What is sustainability?
The terms sustainable and sustainability are something that I personally almost never go a day without coming across on either radio or television debate with things such as environmental sustainability being the most common area of conversation. The question is what is sustainability? Sustainability has a wide area of topics that range from culture, money, nations, cities and as I mentioned before the environment and much more. It is something that affects each and every one of us. The problem is there is no true definition of “sustainability” the majority of definitions fall under these types of explanations
• Living within the limits of what the environment can provide
• Understanding the many interconnections…

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