What 's A Name?

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What’s in a name? As you stroll around the streets of Nelson, do we ever look up at the blue signs, wondering the stories behind these names that roll off your tongue so everyday? Do you stop to picture Nelson, 170 years ago, imagining the people that walk the same path to work as you everyday, down Trafalgar Street? These steps that the first settlers of Nelson made, have shaped our city, creating the perfect base for following generations to make change upon. As generations have occupied Nelson, the names of these streets have developed with our culture, creating change for the future; however, as our society has changed, do the street names lose value? Do you walk down the street, forgetting who walked before you and the stories in their footprints? Does this leave the importance of our street names left behind, as our advances in society take over? The New Zealand Company landed on Fifeshire, on February 1, 1841; led by Captain Arthur Wakefield, who was followed by many English settlers, escaping the economic conditions of their European nation, looking for a fresh start. The new emigrants began to settle into their new country, with the continual stream of immigrants growing Nelson’s population steadily, and with that came a new town to build. The settlement was based around Church Hill, where the Nelson Cathedral stands today, with Wakefield losing no time in getting his surveyors and labourers to work; marking out the sections and streets of the newly formed town.

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