What 's The Best Way For Deal With People Experiencing These Kind Of Deaths?

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Allow me to begin with something we all should already know: life, as we know it, is simply unfair. The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I get it though, most of us hope to live a long prosperous life. One where we can stay well and healthy throughout our allotted time on this planet and to top it off, we would prefer to die painlessly at an old age after having accomplished our life goals all while in good health. However, the reality is much less rosy and we live in a world where diseases and illnesses are a thing and millions are constantly dying in miserable conditions. People just endure the pain for weeks, months and even years. This brings upon the question: what’s the best way to deal with people experiencing these kind of…show more content…
Another major part of this that has yet to be touched is the subject of passive euthanasia. The main concern with this is the debate as to how important is this person’s life? Are they worth the expensive hospital bill they’re being charged? If they have zero chance of survival or of return, is it worth keeping them alive? Who gets to decide that? The doctor or the family of the patient? Should family members be allowed to speak on behalf of their emotions and what if they don’t have family? Even then it can come back to whether the patient even wanted to be put on life supporting services, or if they accept blood transfusions, is it moral to just let them die? Either way, all of these aspects should be taken into consideration when taking a standpoint with this. Nevertheless, perhaps an attempt at setting the issue in a philosophical framework and examining the ethical value of euthanasia using the moral criteria of Specific Deontology and Mill’s Utilitarianism and how they would deal with topic can help. The Deontologist maintains that all actions are right or wrong in themselves, simply because of the type of action they are, whether or not they produce the best outcome. Kant’s original Deontology revolves around the idea that using logic is the best approach for basing morality on rather than pure emotion. So he begins with
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