What 's The Matter With Meat?

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What’s the matter with Meat?
The demand for meat in America is on the rise while the number of family owned farms is declining. The farming industry has had to change century old practices like free-range grazing to keep up with the mass amounts of meat that Americans and other cultures have become accustomed to. A process known as factory farming is controlling the farming industry worldwide. Factory farming is an unnatural and inhuman way to raise mass amounts of livestock. Unfortunately to keep up with demand, small farmers around the world are struggling to survive and are being pressured to work for large corporations raising animals using theses factory farming strategies rather than the natural alternative. As described by Wenonah Hauter the Food & Water Watch Executive Director. “Corporate monopolies continue to run our food system, exercising unchecked power over the food that Americans feed their families. As factory farms grow in size and number, so too do the problems they create, such as increased water and air pollution; fewer markets for independent, pasture-based farmers; public health burdens like antibiotic-resistant bacteria; and large scale food safety risks for consumers” (Hauter, 1). Factory farming is an issue in the United States that affects everyone. This is causing health issues for animals and humans along with devastating effects on the environment.
Today’s meat industry is not the small family owned farm business that they present themselves.…
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