Ethical Relativism In The Prescriptive View

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Ethical Relativism in ethics is the belief that nothing is objectively right or wrong and that the definition of right or wrong depends on the prevailing view of a particular individual culture or historical period ( Ethical Relativism in the prescriptive view is: 1. Different groups of people ought to have different ethical standards for evaluating acts of right or wrong. 2. These different beliefs are true in their respective societies and 3. These different beliefs are not instances of a basic moral principle ( There have also been some criticisms of ethical relativism. Some people have had a numeral of complaints against this. The point that ethical relativism is correct it would mean that even the most ridiculous practices such as slavery and abuse of women would be “right” if they were looked at by the standards of society. Relativism would deprive people of means of rising morals objectives against bad social customs provided they are approved by ways of the society. Critics also say that it depends on what sorts of differences of social networks are at issues. It may seem like a good policy where benign differences between cultures are concerned. Critics also say that disagreements about ethics do not mean that there cannot be truth. They also state that there is no positive way to judge a society’s practice from the outside.
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