When Art Imitates Art

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Music and Literature On an everyday basis the world around us offers us a great deal of information and variety, of enlightening art and the dumbing down entertainment. Many people have fallen into the trap of dismissing anything that is not considered fine art as culturally and intellectually inferior. The restrictive nature of this approach leaves us with an elitist viewpoint and a sense of supremacy. And when talking about supremacy, whether it is white, black or even cultural, it is in no way something positive. Albeit, it is difficult to control the feeling of superiority when talking to someone who genuinely loves and admires singers with lyrics like: “Been around the world, don't speak the language. But your booty don't need explaining.” Still, it is important to keep in mind that even Jason Derulo and Virginia Woolf have something in common, the origins of their means of expression. “It is practically certain that music and literature, usually combined with dance, arose as a single activity long before the concept of an art existed. In later stages of history, the connections between the musical and literary arts have varied from nation to nation and period to period. (…) As soon as the arts of music and literature began to draw apart, the possibility of one’s influencing the other arose.” If we believe that art is an imitation of life, then music and literature are equal in that as they can both give imaginative and true depictions of life. And every so often

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