When College Is Brought Up To One’S Mind, It Can Be Inferred

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When college is brought up to one’s mind, it can be inferred that where one can be free and have fun. Many people would not think that they would encounter the likelihood of being a victim of sexual assault would occur in college. The reason for most people to attend college is to be successful in a job after college, Parents trust colleges to keep their loved ones safe. Sexual violence in colleges are not being taken serious and shouldn’t be concealed from the public. The advisors of these colleges tend to keep these cases private to keep the image of the college not ruined. Maya was one of the many victims of sexual violence. She didn’t have a voice that could be heard such as the college students who have suffered. Victims of sexual …show more content…

“Force doesn’t always refer to physical pressure.” ( The perpetrator can use emotional, psychological force, and manipulation. Threats about the victim 's family or other topics are also used for force the victim to cooperate with their orders. Most of these victims would blame themselves for not doing anything during the rape. They are in a state of shock where they can’t scream or move. “Why am i not screaming? When you are scared and you don 't know what is happening to you, you just stay there and hope that you don’t die.” (Andrea Pino: The hunting ground) When parents drop off their children to college they would think that their son or daughter would have a great college experience and will be fine because the college has a reputation of being a safe environment. According to many surveys, more than 16 percent of college women are sexually assaulted while in college, half of these victims had no idea how to report to their colleges because they were not informed how to. When the victims do report it they are directed to an administrator, while they are expecting support from them, they don’t get much information. Instead they get blamed, questioned how would they should have handled the situation differently and if they were intoxicated. Questions told to a fragile victim makes them feel like it’s their fault for the rape incident. It makes them think that they deserved

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