When I Learned the Language of Retail

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There is no doubt that learning a new language is one of the goals and priorities people aspire to, and it is a fact that achieving so is not easy. The difficulty of this matter varies from person to person. This variation depends on the motives and means which each individual intends to use throughout his or her learning journey. The motives that drive a person into learning a new language carry a great deal of importance within. For example, people who learn a new language for travelling and tourism, or just for the love of it, would probably have more capacity to absorb and remember what they have learned over the people who are being forced by other people, or the educational system into learning. There are many reasons for a person to learn a new language. He/she could be learning a new language to socialize better in a gathering or with coworkers at their jobs, to communicate with foreigners when they go to abroad, to impress someone with their communicating skills, or just for their passion. A language is not specific to a spoken one, people can use code words, encrypted messages, sign languages, and even abbreviations. As long as the other person understands the message being delivered through these uncommon gestures it is considered a language. I have seen that people speak in different languages whilst communicating with each other when they do not want people around them to know what they are talking about. Some words that mean something else for the common
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