When It Comes To Different Religions Within A Marriage,

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When it comes to different religions within a marriage, there will be complications if communication between the couple is limited. They will have many issues unless they work out the differences in what they each practice. Orthodox Judaism is a religion that has evolved over time. Another sub religion that evolved from Orthodox Judaism is Reformed Judaism. There are similarities as well as differences between the two how they view the Torra. The observant Jew believes that Torah is the word of God. There are two types of laws in the Torah. Mishpatim are laws whose purpose is readily understandable in any civilized society, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, etc. Chukim are laws with no discernible practical reason.
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In each sub religion they both dress differently, Orthodox Jews follow a strict dress code. Reformed Jews have no dress code, and are allowed to look like anyone else. Also, what is different is how they view their women in each religion. Within Judaism the women are considered to be on a different level as men. Orthodox Jews do not allow men and women to pray in the same place. They do not play a big role in society. Reform Jews were the first to allow complete equal rights for women. In Reform Judaism, women are allowed to perform duties as rabbis and educators. These roles of educators, rabbis are restricted to men only in Orthodox Judaism. In a marriage between Orthodox and Reformed Jews, there will be many differences. To be able to save the marriage, they must come up with ways to respect both religions. One example is, the husband is an Orthodox Jew and his wife is a Reform Jew. He wants to observe the Mikvah. The Mikvah is when there is to be no sex seven days after a woman 's menstrual period. After the seven days the women have to go to a bathhouse to be cleansed and be examined by other women to determine if she is clean or not. The wife in this example views this as being treated as unclean, regardless if she bathes herself everyday and feel degraded. One way they can try and save this marriage is to maybe alternate practicing the Mikvah each

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