When One Is Raised In A Community In Which Men Are The

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When one is raised in a community in which men are the primary breadwinners, stand up for what is right, and fight against what is wrong, it is no surprise they carry on those values into their adulthood. Social context sculpts individuals and influences how they act and react to occurrences in their day to day. It is clearly shown, that in Chris Kyle’s case, these family rules affect someone throughout their entire life. In the touching autobiography “American Sniper”, it illustrates the common mindset and expression of basic gender roles many people in the United States try to adhere to. We have all learned what ideologies compose the American Dream. Regardless of their financial situations or societal standing, citizens work toward…show more content…
It is safe to say that most of the qualities that influenced his major life decisions, were taught to him by his parents. With that being said, it is explicitly shown that Chris Kyle was raised to be a guardian. As discussed in class, these values seem to have influenced Kyle on a substantial level. It seems that his family “rules” became a framework on his interpersonal and social communication style. The way he interacts amongst his peers on deployment categorizes him as an alpha, or protector. When he gets married and has children, his family also looks at him the same way. As for Chris, I feel like that role is engraved within him and he fully recognizes it. As you begin to progress through the context of this book, you meet Chris Kyle’s wife Taya. When we first meet her, she seems like a tough nut to crack. Kyle is extremely intrigued by Taya and is immediately attracted. At first, Taya doesn’t seem to necessarily fit every set gender stereotype for a woman, because she does seem a bit rough around the edges. She is a tad harsh toward Chris when she met him at the bar, because she had personal problems in her life at the time. However, after hitting it off, their relationship flourished. Taya seemed to possess many qualities that fit stereotypical gender roles and a few that undoubtedly did not. After marriage, kids, and Chris’s deployment, Taya had to take on the responsibilities of a mother and father for their two children. Taya became
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