When Reading Chapter 1, I Found Out What Theatre Is And

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When reading chapter 1, I found out what theatre is and how Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavshi express his passion for theatre. By reading this, I have a different view about the theatre and acting. As he talks about his passion for theatre, he makes people want to know about theatre and become actor/actress themselves. Chapter 1 discussed Stanislavski and his system. Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavshi is a Russian actor and director of the theater. He expressed that theater is an institution of cultural and more education. He believed that theatre should develop people’s taste and raise the level of their cultural. Stanislavski expresses that actors and actress love being on stage because theatre gives them the atmosphere of art. When …show more content…

When reading chapter 2, it discuss the methods of physical actions. A scientist named I.M. Schenov express that the body express what we are thinking and experiencing before we are aware of the body doing it. Stanislavski realized that an actor is equally dead as he does not express his thought and feelings physically. He expresses that it is impossible to understand a person or a character without understanding the person or a character’s thoughts and emotions first. It is impossible to build a character with just a body as thoughts and emotions are important to function an individual. The action of the body must be selected carefully on the basis of the play’s situation as the physical action is connect to the emotion that the actor must bring out of the character that he is playing. In theatre, words are an important element along with the gesture of the body. Human relationships is express by gesture, poses, glance and silence as words cannot be express everything. Gesture is express during the pause of the actor’s line or whole other people are speaking; it is what words cannot express. The gesture of an actor must be easily understood as the audience need to understand what the actor is telling them. The body and the emotion reflects on each other. When reading chapter 3, I found this chapter interesting. This chapter is interesting as it discussed the elements of an action. I never thought

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