When The Average Person Thinks Of Qualities That Describe

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When the average person thinks of qualities that describe a good engineer, they might think of qualities such as intelligence or technical adeptness. Qualities such as these do in fact make an engineer good at their job, but they don’t necessarily make them a good engineer. Engineering ethics defines the qualities that create a good engineer as virtues. Virtuous engineers seek high moral standing and fulfillment in their careers beyond that of just solving engineering problems for money. Virtues in this context are qualities or traits of an engineer that not only allows them to excel at their job but also attain fulfillment and happiness.
Engineering ethics may be a relatively new field of study but the concepts, on which it is built, such …show more content…

Virtues of thought are traits of the mind that promote intellectual well-being and aid in the pursuit of knowledge, truth, or understanding. In contrast, virtues of character are qualities or traits that help one fulfill their physical goals, or as Aristotle calls them, passions, in a manner that reflects high morality. Both virtues of character and mind can be examined as the perfect middle ground between vices of deficiency and excess. Pride, for example is virtue that is good in moderation. In excess, pride becomes hubris, which led to the fall of many epic characters. In deficiency, pride becomes shamefulness, which can be taken advantage of. Considering all that I have learned so far, do I believe myself to be a virtuous person? Am I capable of becoming a virtuous engineer? The short answer is yes. My upbringing combined with traits I practice and instilled with myself has afforded me many qualities that I, in agreement with ancient philosophers’ text, deem to be virtuous. As far back as I can remember, my parents never wasted a teaching opportunity. Although back then I didn’t appreciate it, the chores, homework, and even confiscation of video games were all tools to develop virtues. Completing chores, despite sometimes requiring increasingly angry reminders, developed discipline as well as respect and appreciation of my surroundings. The monitoring of my TV and video game indulgence instilled understanding

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