Cardinal Virtue Research Paper

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Morality is defined as what we do based on our human reason that is either right or wrong. Morality is concerned with what we do and how we act in our everyday life. In order to live a moral life, one must live by the virtues, respond to the call of God in our lives, and develop a character that resembles a life of virtue. There are two different kinds of virtues in the Catholic Church. There are Cardinal Virtues and there are Theological Virtues. The Cardinal Virtues are prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice. The Theological Virtues are faith, hope, and love. These virtues show us how to live our lives in accord with what God wants us to do. Prudence shows us what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to conduct ourselves…show more content…
Responding to God's call means that we are supposed to pray to God and learn what our calling in life is. In order to know what our call is, we must discern our vocation that we are called to. Prayer and living by the virtues can help us with our discernment process. While in search of our vocation, we should be attempting to learn about all of the different vocations to make sure that they are either not good for us, or they fit us and our personality well. Character is defined as who we are in our word and deed. Our character defines our personality as a whole and shows other people what kind of person that we are. If we live by the cardinal and theological virtues, our character will resemble that of the virtues. If we chose not to live by the virtues, then our character will resemble that of vices. Vices are bad qualities that we do not want to acquire. In order to make a path for ourselves to Heaven, we must build up our character as good faithful servants of Christ. In conclusion, to life a life of morality we must live by the virtues, respond to God's call in our lives, and develop character that resembles a life of virtue. By living out the virtues we become closer disciples of
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