When We Two Parted Analysis

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Lord Byron was often known as a scandalous, romantic, and satirist figure. His poetic works mainly revolved around his feelings, making him one of England’s well known romantic poets. Byron grew up with a club foot disability making him a vulnerable target of humiliation and ridicule. This torment as well as his self-declared genius, made writing from the heart easier. This style allowed readers to empathize with the speaker of Byron’s writings. Byron often mirrored his poems' speakers after himself, leading to the Byronic hero. The lord was married in the year 1815 to Anne and had his first daughter a few months later. The marriage failed within the year, and shortly after he began an affair with another poet’s sister in law. This gave …show more content…

If he has nothing to say to her after all this time shows he is upset with her still not only mourning for her loss. Love is another obvious theme seen throughout this poem. Although the word love is never once used he gives the reader a sense of deep commitment with his use of other words like “half broken hearted” or “thy vows are all broken” (Byron, 66). He makes his love for her seem to linger or end abruptly that’s why he still can’t hear her name without grief or shame. The fact that he never told his peers about his affair “they knew not I knew thee” (Byron, 66) shows the speaker knew it was wrong and is recognizing how shameful his actions were as well as his relationship with this lady. Love is the primary focus of this poem, even if it was lost. There was a love there that impacted him then, and as he wrote this poem. Byron’s strong grammatical emphasis help the audience understand his intended meaning by evoking thought. For example, he exaggerates “a shudder comes o’er me why weren’t thou so dear” (Byron, 66). Causing the audience to wonder why the common word over was neglected. The speaker also gains empathy from the reader, by writing about obstacles everyone deals with at one point or another. Death is another theme in this poem even though not a living thing dies. This poem is about death of a relationship, hence the speaker saying goodbye for a long time. When the speaker says goodbye to his lady friend, she turns corpse like

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