When should Life End?

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The question for me is the reality of quality of life, and is it worth living. Which leads to a quandary of whom is qualified to make such decisions and will it lead down a “slippery slope” as it opponents state? I can understand the validity of both sides, one is that life ends when the brain is dead and cognitive thought process is not present. The other is that all life is sacred and whom are we do define life, if someone is breathing they are alive and to open this door to withhold substance will only lead to next determining which lives are worth more than others and eventually a selection of life and death in cases of anything from blindness to mental impairment. Currently, this debate is going on in my own family as my grandmother suffers from severe Alzheimer’s. A once vibrant, dominant opinionated nurse my 89 year old grandmother cognitive thought process is very damaged. She is confused, angry, scared and often physically combative. She is also incontinent and requires 24/7 management for her own safety and those around her. She has been outfitted with a pacemaker and is given about seven medications to stabilize her blood pressure and sugar. Though my parents have caregivers in the home a great deal of my grandmothers care falls to my father. This has caused his health to deteriorate and the quality of his own life to be greatly diminished. My father has told our family he is no longer willing to care for my grandmother, as it has affected his job

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