When the Smoke Clears Essay

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When the Smoke Clears Magic remedy that heals all or vice that holds us all hostage? Tobacco has played a critical role in not only American history but also Virginian history. A simple crop that is no more complicated than most plants but what makes it so special is its ability to relieve stress. This crop did not arrive in Europe or any other place until the colonial era. It is widely believed that the indigenous people of the Americas discovered tobacco. The native Americans used tobacco primarily for what they believed was its healing properties and for ceremonial purposes. Over time early explorers began to bring back samples of tobacco to their own respective countries. Word quickly spread across Europe resulting in a high …show more content…

Starting in the 1990's, people were no longer permitted to smoke on airlines or busses. Many people started to sue the industry for medical reimbursement. Mississippi was the first state to sue tobacco industries in the hope that they would be responsible for smokers Medicaid bills. Tobacco is big business and like all big business it has incredible resources when backed against a wall. Now in the modern age, tobacco related products are regulated by the FDA along with having multiple warning labels on the packaging. Federal taxes are raised for tobacco and many States follow that example. It is nearly impossible to smoke inside any buildings or restaurants making it even more difficult to be a smoker. But yet somehow the Tobacco industry is alive and well. Initially there were no CEO's or lawsuits, it was just the demand of kings and the supply of colonies. John Rolfe never could have imagined how big of a role tobacco would have in society. For him and other colonies it was not a drug or something harmful. It was what kept boats coming back. It was what kept weapons and tools on those boats and it was what kept England interested. Without tobacco the investment into the new worlds would not have been worth the cost. Hypothetically you could argue that if it were not for tobacco we would not even be a country. Truly the value of tobacco was immeasurable for the colonists. It built a bridge to the civilized world. But that bridge was not

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