`` Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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Immaturity is a term most commonly associated with adolescence. As a young adolescent, high school is the center of the world and it is difficult to see beyond that. Social status is vital to Connie, the lead character in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?,” written by Joyce Carol Oats. School is her chance to be who she does not get to be at home. Like Connie, many other adolescents try to act older than they really are. Teenagers are especially prone to this because their brains are not fully developed. As a fifteen year old, Connie is somewhere in between childhood and adulthood. This causes her to struggle with the concept of maturity. Due to her immaturity, Connie confuses her ability to command attention from boys with the desire to have them pursue her sexually. Unable to tell these two apart, Connie is rendered helpless at the hands of the potentially dangerous Arnold Friend. Before we can analyze Connie’s interaction with Arnold Friend, we must first look at how immaturity affects her behavior on a daily basis. Since she is only able to focus on her social status, Connie often acts vain. She is consistently glancing back at her reflection to make sure is still pretty. She wants to remain young and beautiful, two qualities that are important to her. This demonstrates her immaturity by illustrating how she is afraid to become an adult. As Connie turns to check her appearance in every mirror, she is looking back into the past rather than the future. She is

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