Where the Gods Fly

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Where the Gods Fly
The relationship between a mother and a child is birthed simultaneously with the child’s entry into the world. The child takes its first breath of life and displays the initial dependent human longing for protection and love in the presence of a mother. As the mother is everything a child needs when it is born, the mother also only needs the child in that moment. That bond is more precious than anything in the world, which is why every mother tries to have her children as close to her as she can. Every mother loves her child. They can argue, discuss intensely, the can even fight, but at the end of the day, a mother will always love her child. Because of the love, a mother has for her child; it is hard for her to let go.
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As the short story begins the reader is put into the plot right away. As mentioned before, the short story begins in medias res. There is no introduction or appetizer to the story. Then the story shifts between times. The mother begins in the present and then talks about the past. When reaching the end of the story the mother narrates the present again. This method gives the reader a more understanding view to the story. Instead of just seeing what is going on after the beginning, the reader is given an explanation to why is like it is.
While using this structure, the short story also contains contrasts. The major contrasts in the short story are that Pearl is way more integrated than her parents. They do not speak English, but Pearl does and is the one who translates for them, if needed. Another contrast in the short story is the cultures. The whole plot is build upon differences between the Chinese culture and the American culture. It is a deeply moving and intimate story, because the mother is faced with the dilemma of trying to raise a young daughter safely and securely in a foreign country, where strong influences can strip a person of their cultural identity. It’s a situation made all the more hard for the mother, not only because she makes the
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