Which Gender Faces Tougher Challenge These Days? Men Or Women?

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Which gender faces tougher challenge these days? Men or women? How does your experience contribute to the way you answer this question? Coevally of two extremely different individuals as man and woman has always been a challenge since the existence of civilization. Nevertheless, it is not improbable. Animosity ensues when society’s viewpoint on how the opposite sex’s response for different situations that arise. As a female, and from personal experiences, I cannot say that I had it that hard as opposed to my brothers. My father has always been very protective of the girls in the family and more lenient when it comes to physical punishments. Family plays a monumental factor of the gender differences structure in our society. Growing up in a third world country like the Philippines is a difficult place for a female. I was raised believing that my merit in life is to cater for the family; therefore, at an early age, I had to learn the household chores and care for younger siblings as preparation to become a good wife and mother when I have my own family. Expectations of how a woman must behave and dress in a respectful and conservative manner to portray good moral and conduct myself in a way that will not embarrass the family’s reputation is crucial. I can still remember my late father asking my ex-husband if I was being a good wife to him after being married for a month. Committing sexual relationship before marriage was a very appalling conduct of a woman. Some

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