Whigs vs Democrats

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Jacksonian Democracy & Whig Values Emerging from the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans in the 1830’s, came a new party, led by the famous Andrew Jackson. This new party derived the same principle of appealing to the average American that their predecessors did. The Jacksonian Democrats took it a step further though, and boasted their dedication to the “common man” by insisting that the government bowed to the will of the people. They were also a proponent of smaller government, and that all positions of the state be elected directly by the populous. The main principle of the Jacksonian Democrats, was “the majority is to govern”, in which Jackson himself also stated that “[the people had the right] of electing their Chief Magistrate” …show more content…

A good majority of it’s patrons were from the coastal and urban areas, whilst Jacksonian Democrats voters mainly came from rural and agrarian societies; generally, more economically developed areas would vote Whig. The campaigns were like religious revivals, as they predominantly campaigned only near election time. The party was quite homogeneous as well, as it drew on evangelical Protestantism, but the Democrats were not, and more likely to accept cultural

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