While Many People Walked By, I Took Notes. I Noticed All

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While many people walked by, I took notes. I noticed all different kinds of people. I noticed Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics. From seeing these different people, I categorized them to more noticing Caucasian men, Caucasian women, African American men, African American women, Hispanic men, and Hispanic women. I saw all different kinds of people in different clothes. Overall, most people were wearing casual attire such as a shirt and jeans or shirt and shorts. I heard many conversations while people walked around. I heard people talking about where they should go eat, where they should go shop, where their mom went, what shoe stores are in Monroe Mall, where is the best beauty salon in Monroe, I heard people talking in Spanish,…show more content…
It could also tell you that maybe they have off Wednesdays or even they don’t work much or at all. Forty-one of the Caucasians were women. This tells you that 63% of all the Caucasians that were observed were women. This information tells you that only 37% of the Caucasians were men. This tells you that men are less likely to be shopping in a mall than women. Most of the Caucasian men and women were in working outfits or were very dressed up which made me think that they have a very high job that acquires them to dress very professionally. With this information, this tells me that Caucasians are more likely to be coming to the mall after work and that they have more intelligent jobs. The average age for both the Caucasian men and women are approximately thirty-five. Out of the one hundred people that I observed, only 15% of them were Hispanic men or women. 60% of the Hispanic men or women were men meaning only 40% of them were women. This tells you that Hispanic men are somewhat more likely to come to the Monroe Mall then Hispanic women. 13% of all the Hispanic men and women were in their work outfits or dressed up professionally. Out of all the Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics; the ones that dressed up more professionally or in their work clothes were the Caucasians. I noticed though, the people that seemed like they did the most manual work from the look of their work outfits were the Hispanics.
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