White Blood Chips Metaphors

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Rather than resorting to complex musical density, The White Stripes use numerous metaphors and a complicated yet concise storyline accompanied by much more ‘classical’ rock sounds in White Blood Cells to represent an intricate love of Jack White’s. The White Stripes have an extremely convoluted history, which is relatively common among talented musicians, that began in Detroit, Michigan. Jack Gillis (as he was known previously) met Meg White, and married her in 1996, taking her last name. They originally thought about naming the band “The Peppermints” but eventually decided on “The White Stripes” to combine Meg’s love of peppermint candy, their new last name, and the overall spirit of childhood. Throughout their touring years, Jack and Meg publically presented…show more content…
Throughout the album, White belts out his fluctuating feelings about a love of his, and admits that even though he knows better, he continues to fall for love. Beginning the album with “Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground,” Jack cries out “Then I come home/No one to wrap my arms around.” In this song, he explains how whenever he begins to think, he realizes the lack of his love’s presence, and starts to understand how alone he really is. Then, in “Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman,” he is finally fed up with his love’s attitude on a rainy day and denounces, “I'd never said I wouldn't/Throw my jacket in the mud for you/But my father gave it to me so/Maybe I should carry you/Then you said ‘You almost dropped me’/So then I did/And I got mud on my shoes.” In this incident, White is trying to be reasonable, but to no avail, so he decides to ‘drop her,’ but ends up feeling the backlash immediately of the mud on his shoes. This is a turning point for White, where he recognizes that he is
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