White Bread Thematic Essay. Approaches To And Specific

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White Bread Thematic Essay Approaches to and specific strategies for teaching multicultural education By: Tehya Boucher In today 's ever changing world teachers need to understand the importance of a multicultural education. It’s becoming essential to provide opportunities for their students to learn about the many cultures represented in america and the world around them. Studies have shown that by the year 2040 as surveyed by the U.S. census bureau, that “white non-hispanics will make up less than half of the school aged population” (Smith) Our country is ever growing and it doesn 't seem right to exclude cultural education to students when our nation was built by immigrants. Building curriculums that acknowledge different cultures,…show more content…
As the novel progresses Sleeter introduced the Raza Studies program. The program, if put in place, would concern itself with the study of Mexican-Americans, drawing upon a variety of fields such as history, sociology, and the arts. Having a program like this in schools would provide a positive learning environment for all students color through limiting feelings of prejudice and discrimination. I think the author 's treatment of this topic was pretty straight forward although I wish she’d would have gone into some more detail about the program and how it would run functionally. She does however give you a basic idea and pushed the point that this is in no way an attempt to segregate student. It’s an attempt to build a stronger community and a richer learning environment. The diversity in our public schools is ever increasing, with this teachers are beginning to recognize the need to expand their classroom curriculum to include other cultures. Understanding diversity provides context for students and allows them to thrive in most social environments. They key to this understanding lies with support from administrative and teachers “sensitivity of the various cultures reflected in students populations,” (Smith) meanwhile maintaining an unbiased outlook. Involving discussions on music, history, food and of other cultures provides a general awareness for students. Theres types of lessons can and should be taught year round and not just around the
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