White Creek Location

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This segment of White Creek is located the farthest away from major urban development, and, thus, might be an overall healthier system as a result. There is an overall proliferation of many different of species (colonizers, stabilizers, and riparian woody) that occur and thrive in various spatial configurations (partially determined by proximity to stream, elevation, and characteristics of the underlying substrate). There appears to be a substantial (s worthy of note that a large, above-ground sewage line ran perpendicularly over the river towards a sewage treatment plant some distance away. There were no signs of leakage or other issues that might compromise or affect the surrounding hydrology of the site.

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The topography could be described as gently rolling within the riparian buffer, with the stream bed being much flatter. The only significant urbanized area (meaning presence of structures, impervious surfaces, disturbed ecosystems structure/function) is the airport, which is located within a 0.5 mile from portions of White Creek. There are several unpaved roads near and directly adjacent to the creek that don’t impact the local environment to a large degree. The nearest paved road is located directly adjacent to the airport, but still a significant distance from the riparian zone of the …show more content…

Within the stream channel, there was an array of different types of small juvenile fish species; no amphibians or reptiles were observed, though the conditions for their existence seemed to be adequate. There was an abundance of macroinvertebrates throughout the site, which became more pronounced nearer the stream channel. There was also an adequate amount of bird species observed on the site. Overall, the natural and relatively undisturbed conditions of this section of White Creek provided an adequate habitat for general biotic

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