White Man 's Burden By Rudyard Kipling

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Imperialism English writer Rudyard Kipling published a very famous poem called “White Man’s
Burden” in 1899 which embodied the European feel of superiority over the indigenous peoples. Kipling published this poem when the Americans were conquering different places. In fact, the original subtitle of this poem was “The United States and the Philippine Islands.” This was because the United States had acquired the Philippines from Spain after winning the Spanish-American War. Kipling was inspired by these events and decided to publish his poem for all the public to see. This poem was a call or a summoning for the white men to show native people how to be civilized. (Shmoop Editorial Team) In response to Kipling 's poem, …show more content…

If the work was not done properly and in a timely fashion, then the African man would be punished, not the White man. The Africans had to live knowing they were constantly being judged for how they performed in the workforce. They lived in constant anger and shame, but knowing there was nothing that could be done. Morel described how the African’s developed a sense of hate and disgust with the white men for taking their lives away from them, and leaving them with nothing to live for. How Kipling promotes Imperialism Kipling’s poem promotes imperialism because it is a warning to the United States about what the people should expect when it sets out to become an imperial power. “White Man’s Burden,” is a praise of American colonialism in the Philippines after Spain gave up control in 1898. Kipling believed that American colonialism could improve the living conditions of the people in the Philippines, despite many American’s thinking it was a burden. Kipling wanted Americans to take their place in the imperialist world. Kipling felt that he knew what being an imperialistic power was really like. Kipling believed that the United States was embarking on its first real act of obtaining imperial power when it took control of the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. “The White Man’s Burden,” was used to justify European imperialism in the nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries. (White Man’s Burden) (Reference)
Exalt the place of the White

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