White Privilege And Black Privilege

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Many Caucasians do not realize that they possess white privilege, while people of color do. White privilege has been around ever since society had considered “white” as the dominant race. White privilege is unfamiliar to many people because it is the inconspicuous elements white people take for granted. For example, Caucasians are forty percent more likely to receive a private scholarship than POCs (people of color); they also have a sixty-seven percent lower incarceration rate and are ten times more likely to get a housing loan (Greenburg). These facts can be mistaken as false or as a mere coincidence. Ironically, only Caucasians deem white privilege as a myth. There is no one to blame, but it is clear that a bias exists between all races. Because of this growing problem, satirists have created comics, articles, and even videos to help expose the truth on how white benefit affects people of color negatively. These satirists use parody and mockery to reveal the unpleasant truth on white privilege. One prime example of satirists using parody is “Racism Insurance”. Famous entertainment writers Justin Simien and Billy Sorrells imitate State Farm Insurance commercials to inform how white privilege affects society. The skit includes a Caucasian man being racist towards African Americans, and then summoning his Racist Insurance pal by using his catchphrase “oops I was racist, black guy come here” to get out of the awkward situations. This Horatian example reveals that Caucasians

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